Sustainable Transportation Options for the 21st Century and Beyond

A Comprehensive Comparison of Alternatives to the Internal Combustion Engine

This book includes an in-depth analysis of the environmental and energy security impacts of replacing the internal combustion engine vehicle with various forms of electric vehicles and replacing gasoline and diesel fuel with alternative fuels including electricity, hydrogen and biofuels. In addition to a detailed “well-to-wheels” analysis of local air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and oil consumption for each alternative vehicle, the book estimates the market penetration potential of each fuel/vehicle combination to determine the most likely societal impact of each alternative vehicle pathway. To support the market penetration estimates, the book analyses the likely cost of each alternative vehicle in mass production and the cost of installing the necessary fuel infrastructure to support each option. The book provides sufficient detail to allow decision makers in governments and industry to choose among the alternative vehicle/fuel combinations that will lead to a truly sustainable transportation system.
The author has been engaged in scientific research for over 50 years.  He has been actively engaged in the computer simulation and modelling of alternative vehicles since he directed an evaluation of hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles for the Ford Motor Company and the U.S. Department of Energy beginning in 1993. He was a founder and President of a start-up company, H2Gen Innovations, Inc. of Alexandria, Virginia from 2001 to 2009.  H2Gen demonstrated the economic viability of producing hydrogen on-site for refuelling fuel cell electric vehicles.  Dr. Thomas has co-authored 11 major technical reports, published six peer-reviewed articles and made more than 25 technical presentations comparing alternative vehicles at various national and international scientific conferences. He was a former Vice Chairman, Director and member of the Executive Committee of the National Hydrogen Association.  Dr. Thomas won the prestigious Jules Verne Award from the International Association of Hydrogen Energy in 2010.  The award included the inscription: “For his leadership in systems studies, analyses, and entrepreneurship in development and commercialization of hydrogen technologies.” He has been awarded 11 U.S. patents in the fields of coherent optical data processing and laser fusion.
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