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Out of Paradise - A Short Story of Zombie Fantasy Fiction from the Tropics - Forgotten Tales from the Realms of Primoria

"Great, short read! Most zombie fiction these days are more 'Walking Dead' than swords and sorcery. Good to read about a normal guy in a fantastic setting."
- S Leroy, Chicago IL

Treat yourself to a short novella from the "Forgotten Tales from the Realms of Primoria" series. 

For Torg Brennan, a skilled carpenter from the city with a good heart, his decision to move to the tropical island of Ardouni was a choice well made.  Life is good.  His business is growing, he's getting along well with his new community, and his budding relationship with the playful and affectionate native, Naroli, is reminding him that he can love again.  

The city life has been left behind, and every day is a relaxed scene of turquoise waves, vivid green palms, and white, sandy beaches. But, as a dark force crawls out of the sea, snuffing out all life in its path and tearing families apart, will Torg and his new love escape with their lives?  Will his neighbors, who have accepted him as one of their own, survive?

"Forgotten Tales from the Realms of Primoria" is a series of side stories from Eddie Patin's grim and mysterious world of familiar lands in a time long gone.

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Erscheinungsdatum 10.11.2016
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781540168252
Verlag Eddie Patin
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