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Penny's Revenge 2: Feminized by the Faculty Femme Fatale (Femdom Professor Bisexual Crossdressing)

Arya Martin's never been into those buff, domineering, macho-type dudes. Even as a kid, when her sexuality was only just budding, she recalls she was more of a Luke girl than a Han girl; displayed a distinct preference for the Boy Wonder over the Caped Crusader.She also found herself, from a young age, paging eagerly through her Nancy Drew novels looking for the obligatory scene where the titular heroine and her friends were captured and tied up by the villain. Back then, she didn't know what it was; something about that kind of thing just made her feel all *fuzzy* in *places*.All this, once Arya reached sexual maturity and learned a thing or two about the world, translated into a distinct preference for sexual dominance and the kinkier varieties of love-play. Nothing's more charming to Arya than a bound and helpless young man (or woman—though she primarily prefers the former), simpering, batting his pretty eyelashes, and pleading for her mercy.Another of Arya's early childhood passions, as it happens, was writing. She's been spinning fanciful yarns in one medium or another from the moment she learned to hold a pencil.Given all of the above, a career writing femdom and feminization erotica just plain made sense for Arya. She finally dipped her toe in the pool in the summer of 2015—and hasn't looked back since!
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Erscheinungsdatum 02.10.2015
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