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On A Cold Christmas Eve (The Seldon Park Christmas Novellas, #2)

The Seldon Park Christmas Novellas

Lady Lucy Cavendish is in a bit of a quandary.  Her uncle, the current Earl of Wellsford has abandoned her at a coaching inn outside of London with no money and no way to contact her contracted fiancée, Archibald St. Vincent, the younger brother of the Duke of Enwright.  Except that Lucy quickly learns that not only is Archibald not coming to claim her, but that a far worse fate than abandonment awaits.  She is to be sold to a house in Covent Garden to work as a prostitute rather than marry anyone.  Desperate and alone, Lucy strikes out on her own, hoping to make her way to Fairhaven, the spring residence of the duke, and throw herself on his mercy.  Or the mercy of his staff, at least, for as it's nearly Christmas, it's doubtful that the duke would be anywhere near a home he only uses a few weeks out of the year.

Adam St. Vincent, the Duke of Enwright, is furious.  His brother has concocted yet another nefarious scheme, and this time, he doesn't think he can buy his brother's way out of trouble.  Things become even more complicated when the lady in question arrives at Fairhaven where Adam is waiting for his brother.  Cold and wet, it's clear the lady is ill and needs medical attention, so Adam whisks her off to his home at Overlook Hill to recuperate.  He might be called the Devil Duke, but he's certainly no monster!  Not to mention that it's the only proper and decent thing to do.  Only things are never quite as uncomplicated as they appear and soon, it becomes clear to Adam that he must marry Lucy in order to keep her safe and out of Archibald's hands.


Making her home in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, Bethany Sefchick lives with her husband, Ed, and a plethora of Betta fish that she's constantly finding new ways to entertain. In addition to writing, Bethany owns a jewelry company, Easily Distracted Designs.

It should be noted that the owner of the titular Selon Park - one Lord Nicholas Rosemont, the Duke of Candlewood, a.k.a. "The Bloody Duke" - first appeared in her mind when she was eighteen years old and had no idea what to make of him, or of his slightly snarky smile.  She has been attempting to dislodge him ever since - with absolutely no success.

When not penning romance novels or creating sparkly treasures, she enjoys cooking, scrapbooking, and lavishing attention on any stray cats who happen to be hanging around. She always enjoys hearing from her fans at: bsefchickauthor@gmail.com

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