RailPass RailMap Europe 2017

Icon illustrated Railway Atlas of Europe specifically designed for Eurail and Interrail railpass holders

** Please note updated and substantially revised Edition for 2018 is now available for purchase. **Discover and explore the whole European railway network with the 64 page paperback version of illustrated RailPass RailMap Europe Designed specifically for Interrail or Eurail global railpass holders. Easy to navigate full colour print version covers 31 European countries in addition to Turkey and North Africa Welcome to 2017 edition of RailPass RailMap Europe, Turkey and North Africa. Purchase includes PDFs via email request. Explore the entire European railway network with the bright full color icon, photo and info illustrated RailMap of Europe. Updated 2017 edition includes detailed maps of the most spectacular Alpine routes including central Switzerland, northern Italy and western Austria. Also included are city station maps for Basel, Belgium, Brussels, Budapest, Lisboa, London, Milano, Paris and Roma.Complementary PDF of RailPass RailMap 2017 is easily claimed by download from webstie.Buyer Beware! Please note that RailPass RailMap 2017 has been specifically designed with the Global RailPass holder (interrailer) in mind. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETELY DEFINITIVE RAILWAY MAP. Instead RailPass RailMap is all about enabling easy and quick reference navigation around the entire European railway network in an easy to locate (i.e. top tourist destinations), easy to understand (easy to identify train types), easy to pack away format (i.e. can be folded in half) and full colour durable quality paper plus long lasting laminated gloss cover (i.e. large printed folding maps quickly suffer from tearing). The large square paperback format enables large spreads which have the look and feel of a folded map with many duplications so you can easily follow the network across the spreads.All the most popular tourist destination, cities and major towns on the network are highlights in large bold print. All the major network connections, scenic routes, intersections and junctions are easy to follow to enable you to quickly get to your chosen destinations.New for 2017 is major ferry crossings sailing info and railpass discounts for UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Italy and Greece.Included: Index with Country flag and RailMap pages (see Index screenshot below) Detailed explanation of RailMap legend and what to look out for on RailMap Easily identified High Speed routes (bright orange lines) Main railway lines (seat reservation usually required) Majority of local lines (in most cases no additional seat reservation requirement) Green highlighted and easy to identify scenic routes so you can plan the most interesting and awesome routes Bus routes (pink lines) where the train network is in repair or is seasonal etc. Ski resorts and popular summer hiking destinations Ports and popular ferry routes including discounts that railpass attracts and sailing info etc Train stations with shower facilities National parks and areas of outstanding beauty Cities and towns with nearby airports (with highlighted airport codes) Sandy beaches and stunning coastlines Mountain ranges and major inland lakes Major Budget Airports (with accompanying airport codes) This is an indispensable railway travel guide designed by a experienced Interrailer with a passion for creating informative railway maps. RailPass RailMap is continually updated with a new edition published every year. To learn more please visit RailMapEurope.com
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