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Amazon FBA: Amazon FBA Crush Course - How to Find and Launch your First Private-Label Product in 35 Days or Less

This book is a great guide for beginners looking to learn about the process from the initial research stages up until launching and marketing your own fully developed products.

So how can you sell items on Amazon? Well, Amazon has created an easy to use platform that allows sellers from all over the world to list and sell their items to Amazon's enormous customer base. They allow sellers either to fulfill items themselves and ship directly to the customer (this is known as merchant fulfilled), or they allow sellers to list their items and send them into Amazon. Once received by Amazon, they will then handle everything from that point on, including shipping, returns, and customer service (this is known as Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA).

Amazon FBA is the way to go when dealing with private label products because it will allow you to send in large quantities of inventory, freeing you from storing, shipping and dealing directly with customers.

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