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Tiny House Living : A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize and Maximize Small Living Space (Declutter and Decorat)

It Is Possible to Live in a Tiny House

Save Money, Save Space, and Save the Environment with Tiny Living

Have you seen the posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social sites about the benefits of tiny living? Did you know that it is possible to live comfortably in as little as 200 square feet of space? With the DIY hacks in this guide, you will learn many ways to maximize small space.

Minimalism is a big part of tiny living, and it is not always easy. Learning how to do more with less is imperative for enjoying your tiny home. In this book, you will learn ways to minimize your "stuff", including advice for taking a slow approach to minimalism.

Inside You Will Learn:

·         The Benefits of Living in a Tiny House

·         How to Design a Tiny House to Maximize Space

·         How to Buy and Place Furniture and Appliances for a Tiny House

·         Ingenious Ideas for Everyday Storage

·         How to live minimally and learn that less is more

·         How to Organize and Declutter Every Day

·         And Much More

You will discover that a tiny house does not have to be cramped and cluttered. It can give you all of the room you need to move about, grow, and live comfortably.

This book is your guide to learning how to live in a tiny house. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, save money, and spend more time doing the things you love, tiny living is for you.

Don't wait. Download this book today. Find out how you can live big in a small space.

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