Low Carb: 100 Low Carb Desserts for Successful Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

Mathias Müller

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Those looking to lose weight often think you need to give up dessert or sweets at special events. But this is where one of the biggest advantages of the low carb diet comes into play. Instead of strictly counting calories it's only important to keep the number of carbs listed in the nutrition facts to a minimum. Low carb desserts with less than 10 g of carbs per serving complete a meal without jeopardizing weight loss success. These recipes with virtually no carbs have the added benefit of specifically tricking the brain while losing weight. While dieting will often leave you craving sweet foods, you can easily avoid this with these 100 low carb desserts. The body receives all the nutrients it needs and stops craving foods.

To make sure there's plenty of variety when making these recipes, the 100 low carb desserts are split into 10 categories. These include:

Muffins & Cupcakes

Cupcakes and muffins are commonly associated using large amounts of sugar. But all you need is the sweet taste, not the carbs from the sugar. That's why any sugar substitute such as Xylitol or Stevia are a smart low carb alternative.

Cookies & Pastries

Who needs traditional wheat flour when you can use ground almonds, coconut flakes, etc.

Pancakes & Waffles

Whether for Sunday breakfast, to surprise the kids or in between meals, the low carb diet certainly doesn't mean eliminating pancakes, crepes and waffles.

Mousse & Pudding

Quick to make, lots of variety and an absolute delight for guests. That's the 10 low carb recipes for mousse and creams. Even novices in the kitchen will succeed at making layered desserts which are not only visually impressive, but also with what's inside.

Savory Desserts

Many recipes are also perfect for watching your favorite crime show or cheering on your favorite sports team from the couch.

Ice Cream & Sorbet

True ice cream lovers won't miss out on their cold favorite in fall or in winter.


Chocolates aren't just delicious, but also a popular homemade gift. The 10 low carb recipes for chocolates have an impressively low carb count without sacrificing taste.

Candy & Fruit Snacks

Instead of giving up certain foods you just need to be creative and make your own fruit snacks and sweets. These 10 recipes make it super easy to eliminate sugar from recipes.

Regional Desserts

Every family has dessert recipes which are typical for a specific region or even a season. These 10 recipes quickly make it obvious how easy it is to reinvent popular classics for a low carb diet.

International Desserts

Vacation memories aren't just brought back by looking at pictures. All of the 10 international dessert recipes have the potential to make your next vacation destination an easy choice.

Healthy weight loss with the low carb diet!

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