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Ravished by Roddy, my Rottweiler: A Bestiality Story Dog Sex Bestiality Knotting Zoophilia Reluctant

Sheila loved walking through the forest with her Rottweiler, Roddy. The sun on her face, a warm summer breeze blowing up her short skirt. You see, Sheila never wore panties on her walks. She would go to her secluded bench and touch herself, always hoping to get caught by some cute jogger.

Roddy would sit and protect if some creep tried to do more than watch her masturbate. But today, Roddy wanted a taste for himself. The powerful Rottweiler’s tongue could things that no human’s could. Sheila is shocked and disgusted, she’d never imagined sex with a dog! Normal people don’t do that! But her body betrays her as she is driven to ecstasy.

She begs and pleads. She tries to escape, but her canine companion shows her just how much he loves her. She can’t believe what happens next, or how good it feels

As she worked a second finger into her tight pussy, she heard Roddy start to whine. He usually growled when someone was coming, but she was enjoying herself too much to notice the difference.

Her soft moans filled the air, along with the sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of her tight little cunt. ‘Oh, God, I hope someone comes today, maybe a cute guy. Like the one I sucked off that one time,’ she thought as she finger fucked herself lazily. ‘I still can’t believe I did that, but he was just so cute, and his cock was so big!’

The thought bought her closer to her orgasm as her slender fingers plunged as deep as they could go. Juices were running like a little river from her pussy, down over her puckered asshole. Her muscles started to tighten as her orgasm hit her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed her first little cum of the day.

Her eyes snapped open in shock when she felt Roddy’s cold, wet nose between her legs. He nuzzled her hand trying to push it out of the way.

“No Roddy! What are you doing!” she cried, shocked at his behaviour. She pulled her fingers from her dripping snatch and tried to push his head away. But he weighed over hundred pounds and was as strong as a bull.

Now that her fingers were out of the way, Roddy rammed his face between her legs, his thick, strong tongue lapping up her musky cream like he was dying of thirst. He ran it all over, ravaging her swollen clit and pushing it inside of her.

“NO!! OH GOD!” she screamed, trying to push his head away again as sparks flew from clitty. “BAD DOG! Ahhh… NO… No!”

‘Oh, God! What the fuck’s he doing! He’s never acted like this before! This is so sick!’ she thought, before begging him,  “Noooo… please Roddy… please stop!” She gasped as his tongue worked deep between her cum slick lips, but no matter how hard he licked, more delicious cream came out.
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Ravished by Roddy, my Rottweiler: A Bestiality Story   Dog Sex Bestiality Knotting Zoophilia Reluctant

Ravished by Roddy, my Rottweiler: A Bestiality Story Dog Sex Bestiality Knotting Zoophilia Reluctant

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