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Against Charity

Julie Wark, Daniel Raventos

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A demand for justice and rejection of the philanthrocapitalism of charitable giving.

Julie Wark: Julie Wark is an Australian/Spanish citizen, resident in Barcelona for twenty-seven years. She is a translator (Catalan/Spanish to English, literature, politics, philosophy), long-term human rights author/activist, and is on the editorial board of
Sin Permiso. She is the author of
The Human Rights Mainfesto (Zero Books).

Daniel Raventós: Daniel Raventós is a lecturer in Economics at the University of Barcelona and author of
Basic Income: The Material Conditions of Freedom (Pluto Press, 2007). He is on the editorial board of the international political review
Sin Permiso.


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Erscheinungsdatum 05.04.2018
Sprache Englisch
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    PART 1

    1. Depictions

    2. Charity Is Not a Gift

    3. Altruism, Empathy and Religion

    4. Celebrities

    5. Charity Scandals

    6. Philanthrocapitalism and Humanitarianism

    PART 2

    7. Justice Not Charity

    8. Basic Income or How to Guarantee the Right of Existence for Everyone