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Naheli's Sacrifice

Seven days to live. Four rules to follow. One Sacrifice to make.

Through cold glass walls, Naheli looks down on the altar of the ocean goddess where she will die in seven days. She doesn't mind much; the empaths have wiped her mind so clean that she hardly remembers what she once longed for. Only sometimes does she think of a colour in secret, or hum a forbidden tune.

Then her only remaining friend, the only one they haven't found yet, hands her a letter that changes everything. Forgotten feelings begin to surface, and Naheli remembers what it is like to cry, to laugh. To love. But her time is running out, and with the Sacrifice only days away, she sets out to solve the mystery of the letter -- and discovers that most of her life has been a lie, and there may be some things worth living for.

Naheli's Sacrifice is the story of one young heroine defying the powers of her dystopian world while following the path of faith. On her quest to understand the true intentions of her elemental goddess, Naheli faces fear, sorrow, and even death... and all she has is a handful of broken memories and one good friend who will stay with her till the end.

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Erscheinungsdatum 19.03.2017
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