Surfing the Quantum World

The ideas and phenomena of the quantum world are strikingly unlike those encountered in our visual world. This book shows why and how this is so via a gentle introduction to the principles of quantum theory. It is used to explain both ordinary microscopic phenomena like the structure of the Periodic Table of Elements and mind-bending phenomena.
During his tenure in the Brown University Physics Department, Frank Levin taught undergraduate and graduate physics courses and carried out U. S. government-funded research on nuclear reactions, collision theory, and few-body quantum systems. He edited several books, published widely in refereed journals, was a visiting professor in other countries, lectured in international conferences and summer schools, and founded a sub-division of the American Physical Society, of which he is a Fellow. Since retiring, he has published a quantum theory textbook, a popular science book on cosmology, and has taught science courses for those with neither a math nor a science background.
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