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Fear of the Unknown

A young Munich zookeeper, Marion Weisberg, is terrified of all dangerous animals. After being run over by a car, she is in a coma. She dreams of being with different tribes and cultures and learns how they see dangerous animals in their spiritualism and folklore. She encounters the world’s most terrifying creatures and learns animal whispering to diffuse their aggression. But then she must risk her life in the Integrity Test, which no student has ever survived. Only then will she truly conquer her terror.
Michael Elia was born in Southampton, England in 1968. He started writing books when he was fourteen. Nature's Revenge is his first novel written specifically for publication, although it is third in line after A Trio of Cartels and Web of Crime. He has also written five Dave Bradley novels and is in the process of writing five sequels to Nature's Revenge, including three books on fables. Michael has Asperger's syndrome and Tourette's syndrome, and lives inside accommodation for people with autism in Berkshire. He was educated at Bartholomew School in Eynsham and then at Oxpens College in Oxford. He has recently finished further education at Reading College.
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