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Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking

Success isn't about what you know. It's about how you think.

Building a great career and an enriching life isn't rocket science. It's about understanding more clearly, thinking more creatively, and planning more effectively. This guide to productive thinking will help you do exactly that.

Whether you need to solve business problems, create new opportunities, or improve your personal life, Think Better offers the principles and tools you need. Author Tim Hurson takes you through the critical steps you need to:

. Commit to Change: Discover how what's working often blinds us to what's possible. Recognize that every frustration is an opportunity in disguise. Imagine a future of creative possibilities.

. Integrate the Principles of Productive Thinking: Don't just think outside the box. Recognize that for productive thinkers there is no box. Unlock the creative ideas in the "third third" of your consciousness-ideas that are always there, but often hovering just out of reach.

. Take Active Steps to Focus on and Solve Problems: Use the thinking tools in this book to make the unexpected connections that are at the heart of all creative ideas and implementable solutions.

It's a myth that people are either born productive thinkers or not. Productive thinking is a skill that can be taught, learned, practiced, and mastered-by anyone.

Thinking better leads to doing better, and ultimately to being better-in business and in life. With productive thinking, you can take on challenges in ways you never dreamed possible.

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    Part 1: Productive Thinking in Context

    Chapter 1: Why Think Better

    Chapter 2: Monkey Mind, Gator Brain, and the Elephant's Tether

    Part 2: Productive Thinking in Principle

    Chapter 3: Kaizen vs. Tenkaizen

    Chapter 4: Stay in the Question

    Chapter 5: The Miracle of the Third Third

    Part 3: Productive Thinking Theory

    Chapter 6: Productive Thinking by Design

    Chapter 7: Step 1: What's Going On? Puzzles, Probes, Possibilities

    Chapter 8: Step 2: What's Success? The Future Pull Principle

    Chapter 9: Step 3: What' the Question? Great Answer (Wrong Question)

    Chapter 10: Step 4: Generate Answers Ten Thousand Failures

    Chapter 11: Step 5: Forge the Solution Masamune's Katana

    Chapter 12: Step 6: Align Resources Here Be Lions

    Part 4: Productive Thinking in Practice

    Chapter 13: Productive Thinking Redux

    Chapter 14: Training vs. Entraining

    Appendix: Productive Thinking in Action

    Six Step Case Study, Jetways





    About the Author

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