Mineralogical Tables

Chemical Structural Mineral Classifikation Systems

Mineralogical Tables , first established as Mineralogische Tabellen by HUGO STRUNZ in 1941, have gone through eight editions, numerous reprints and translations. This ninth, completely new English-language edition is fully revised and updated and incorporates a large number of data on new minerals and new data on previously described minerals. Mineralogical Tables uses a chemical-structural mineral classification system based on the same general principles as those embodied in earlier editions: All minerals are apportioned into one of ten classes according to their principal anionic constituents. Each of these ten classes is then broken down into divisions, subdivisions and groups, based on chemical composition and crystal structure. A simple alphanumeric coding system is applied to the various categories. This coding system has intentional gaps that permit the insertion of new categories of minerals yet to be discovered without disrupting the general classification scheme. The data are presented in tabular form, with minerals grouped by structure type, and include the chemical formula and crystallographic parameters for each mineral, as well as the authors and reference to the original mineral description. Literature references to reports of crystal structure determinations and to the more recent descriptive papers are also provided. Each group is accompanied by a brief description of the crystal structures of the minerals comprising the group, and crystal-structure drawings are given for many of the important structure types. Audience: Mineralogists, Earth Scientists, serious mineral collectors

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