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What Leads a Man to Murder


For fans of Jeffery Deaver's short stories with a twist, this collection of diverse tales from prize-winning author, Joslyn Chase, will seize you by the throat and pull you along at a tingling pace!

** What leads a man to murder? Neil Anderson ponders the question over morning coffee and a newspaper report of a missing girl. By midnight he's found a personally compelling answer, drawing him into the horrifying center of the question.

** She bears a scar that mars her breast. And her soul. Entangled in a game of lies, Adalet stakes every last bit of herself on winning, but the odds are not in her favor.

**A young doctor, part of an elite medical task force, sets a course for adventure in Bangladesh, where she faces the harsh realities of a killer disease. And the human element which aids and abets it. Dr. Elizabeth Mason's first tour of duty turns out to be more than she bargained for. But just what she needed.

Suspenseful, surprising, twisted, and provocative, this collection of Joslyn Chase stories demonstrates the dexterity and verve that keeps fans raving for more:

"…had me hooked good from the first word to the very last."   MC D'Alton, author of Numbers and The Tango

  "Tiny details in this are stunningly brilliant…these illuminate the characters and situation with few words. Wonderful writing."   Catherine Ryan, author of Seed Corn and The Kind

"…jam-packed with everything that makes a delightful page-turner. I was sorry to see The End."   Wendy Pearson, author of The Caul and Talking Heads

"Joslyn Chase is Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, and H.P. Lovecraft all rolled into one manifestation. Wonderful stories! The list would be ridiculously long if I tried to include every superlative that applies."   Thomas Heaven, author of the Carter's Cases series

"Excellent, excellent! I loved reading this and it went by so fast."  Mike Van Horn, author of The Inner Game of Growth and Recapture Your Time

Here's the twelve story lineup:

What Leads A Man To Murder



A Simple Glass of Water

Tickling The Tiger

The Sodden Spectators

Blessings and Curses on a Calico Cat

Bedtime Story

Rachmaninoff's Peasant


A Touch of Native Color

Song of The Gondolier

If you enjoy suspense laced with empathy and touches of humor, grab a copy of What Leads a Man To Murder and watch for the next Joslyn Chase thriller, coming in July, 2017!

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