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Mechanisms and Model Systems

Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology Band 4

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Symbiosis is the fourth volume in the series Cellular Origin and Life in Extreme Habitats (COLE). Fifty experts, from over a dozen countries, review their current studies on different approaches to these phenomena. The chapters present various aspects of symbiosis from gene transfer, morphological features, and biodiversity to individual organisms sharing mutual cellular habitats. The origin of the eukaryotic phase is discussed with emphasis on cyanelles, H syntrophy, N 2 fixation, and S-based symbiosis (as well as the origin of mitochondrion, chloroplast, and nucleus). All members of the three domains of life are presented for sharing symbiotic associations. This volume brings the concept of living together as `One plus One (plus One) equals One.'

The purpose of this book is to introduce the teacher, researcher, scholar, and student as well as the open-minded and science-oriented reader to the global importance of this association.


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Herausgeber Joseph Seckbach
Seitenzahl 796
Erscheinungsdatum 31.05.2002
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4020-0189-5
Verlag Springer Netherland
Maße (L/B/H) 24,1/16/4,8 cm
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Auflage 2002

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  • Foreword; K. Jeon. Preface; J. Seckbach. Acknowledgements; J. Seckbach. I: General Aspects. Prioritizing Symbiosis to Sustain Biodiversity: Are Symbionts Keystone Species D.P. Zook. Morphological aspects; P. Nardon, H. Charles. Symbiosis and Their Consequences for Community and Applied Ecology D. Secord. II: Origin & Evolution. What's in a Tree? Does Horizontal Gene Transfer Determine Microbial Taxonomy; L. Olendzenski, et al. The Commonality of Cyanobacterial Endosymbioses Does Not Support the Endosymbiotic Theory for Origin of Eukaryotic Organelles; T.E. Jensen. Non Symbiotic Origin of Locomotory Organelles; M. Rizzotti. The Cyanelle (Muroplast) of Cyano paradoxa: A Paradigm for Endosymbiotic Organelle Evolution; W. Löffelhardt, H.J. Bohnert. The Syntrophy Hypothesis for the Origin of Eukaryotes; P. López-García, D. Moreira. Thermodynamic Ecology of Hydrogen-based Syntrophy; D.L. Valentine. Nutritional Syntrophies and Consortia as Models for the Origin of Mitochondria; D.G. Searcy. Reversion of Endosymbiosis? The Case of Bleaching in Euglana; J. Krajcovic et al. Symbiosomes; R. Hinde, D.A. Trautman. The Abscence of Nitrogen-Fixing Organelles Due to Timing of the Nitrogen Crisis; Ch.P. McKay, R. Navarro-González. Nucleus Symbiosis Hypothesis: Formation of Eukaryotic Cell Nuclei by the Symbiosis of Archaea in Bacteria; T. Shinozawa, et al. III: Bacteria, Cyanobacteria & Algae. Phototrophic Consortia: A Tight Cooperation Between Non-Related Eubacteria; J. Overmann. Structure and Phylogeny Cyanophora species; P. Kugrens. The Microenvironment and Photosynthetic Performance of Prochloron sp. in Symbiosis with Didemnid Ascidians; M. Kühl, A.W.D. Larkum.IV: Fungi Symbiosis. Survival Strategies in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbionts; M. Giovannetti. Three Part Harmony &endash; Ascophyllum and its Symbionts; D.J. Garbary, R.J. Reckert. Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungi and Their Endobacteria; P. Bonfante, et al. V: Lichens. Origin and Evolution of Green Lichen Algae; T. Friedl, D. Bhattacharya. Lichenization of the Trentepohliales; R.L. Chapman, D.A. Waters. Trebouxia: Reflections on a Perplexing and Controversial Lichen Photobiont; V. Ahmadjian. VI: Symbiosis in Plants. Algae Living on Trees and in Other Strange Places; W. Reisser. Cycad Coralloid Roots Housing Cyanobacteria; M. Grilli Caiola. Evolution of Epicholoë/Neotyphodium Endophytes and Other Clavicipitalean; J.F. White, et al. The Effect of Endophytic Fungi on Host Plant Morphogenesis; S. Scannerini, et al. VII: Association with Protozoa. Anaerobic Ciliates and Their Methanogenic Endosymbionts; J.H.P. Hackstein, et al. Endosymbiosis of Beta-Proteobacteria in trypanosomatid Protozoa; M.C.M. Motta, et al. Ectosymbiosis in Ciliated Protozoa; G. Rosati. Living Sands: Symbiosis Between Foraminifera and Algae; J.J. Lee. Protistan-Prokaryotic Symbiosis in Deep-Sea Sulfidic Sediments; K.R. Buck, J.M. Bernhard. VIII: Symbiosis in Insects and Higher Animals. Sponge/ Algal Symbiosis: A Diversity of Associations; D.A. Trautman, R. Hinde. The Taxonomy and Evolution of the Zooxanthellae-Coral Symbiosis; S.Karako, et al. Algal Symbiosis in Flatworms; A.M. McCoy, I. Balzer. Trichomycetes: Fungi in Relationship with Insect and Other Arthropods; R.W. Lichtwardt. Evolution of Ascomycete-Arthropoda Symbioses; J.W. Spatafora. The Laboulbeniales - An Enigmatic