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The Wonderer

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Ty Landers is a writer of fiction who lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Emily, and a Golden Retriever named Wyatt.

He grew up in rural Alabama, like the really rural part where it’s still 1955 and a heard of deer can still be seen cresting a hill and catching fuzzy morning light- making you feel like, “wow, this America is some wholesome place!” Then again, standing in that same spot, you might also be able to see a meth head stealing some grandmother’s medication or something, and you might catch him in a different kind of light, like a toilet light, which totally ruins that initial vibe that you had going on. His hometown had a shoe store called Shoes, which really says everything you need to know about the environment he comes from.

He writes stories and books but in the beginning he just writes a word and then follows that word with another word until the characters that reveal themselves take him on strange, dark, funny, and fantastic sojourns, where he stays for a while, then thumbs a ride to some other destination.

Ty teaches history professionally, after spending years knocking around in the minor leagues, and spends his days lecturing on Quetzalcoatl, Watergate, Mongol Hordes, and Hitler.

His short story, “Traced Back Here” was published in Popshot Magazine, Issue #11: The Journey’s Issue and Issue#13: The Outsider Issue. He is currently working on a collection of short stories, Night Sounds, as well as his first novel set in the low country of South Carolina.

You can follow him on twitter where he hides behind the cryptic moniker @TyLanders, or come over to his house and be mauled by his dog.
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