Außergerichtliche Konfliktlösung in der Antike

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Global Perspectives on Legal History Band 9

Mark Depauw, Lena Fijalkowska, Alessandro Hirata

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Where are the boundaries of judicial and extra-judicial mechanisms of dispute resolution within the framework of ancient societies ? Are they alternatives in a narrower sense ? Is there evidence for what reason there was no (or no exclusive) judicial decision ? In this volume, scholars from the fields of ancient legal history, assyriology and archaeology explore the significance of sources from the prehistorical period, the Ancient Near East and Hellenistic Egypt to Classical Roman law.

Guido Pfeifer ( is Full Professor of Ancient Legal History, European History of Private Law and Private Law at the Goethe University Frankfurt. He was spokesperson of the LOEWE Research Focus »Extrajudicial and Judicial Conflict Resolution« in 2014 and is an Associate member of the Cluster of Excellence »Normative Orders«. His research has focused on the legal history of the Ancient Near East. Among his works: Fortschritt auf Umwegen: Umgehung und Fiktion in Rechtsurkunden des Altertums (München, 2013); »Mechanisms of Conflict and Dispute Resolution in Ancient Near Eastern Treaties«, LOEWE Research Focus Extrajudicial
and Judicial Conflict Resolution (Working Paper No. 9, 2013, urn:nbn:de:hebis:30:3-321015); »The Legal Framework of a ›Marketless‹ Economy in
the Old Babylonian Period with regard to ›Sale and Community‹«, in: Éva Jakab (ed.), Sale and Community. Documents from the Ancient World. Individual’s Autonomy and State Interference in the Ancient World (Triest, 2015, 9–28)..
Nadine Grotkamp ( is Privatdozentin at the Goethe University Frankfurt and acting professor for Roman law, civil law and comparative legal history at the University of Würzburg since 2017. As a member of the LOEWE Research Focus »Extrajudicial and Judicial Conflict Resolution«, she wrote a b ook about justice in H ellenistic E gypt. Her research focused on the tensions between ancient and modern legal thinking. Among her works: Völkerrecht im Prinzipat (Baden-Baden, 2009).


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