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Come, Enjoy, Pass It On Bosnia and Herzegovina

30 Unforgettable Days

Salihbašić Amel

Buch (Paperback, Englisch)
Buch (Paperback, Englisch)
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This book is a result of desire to present in the best possible way the nature and cultural diversity
of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most tourists stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina only two to three days. This
book provides descriptions of more than 150 tourist destinations and attractions so that the visitor can
spend also 30 days here and that each day can be different and memorable.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a big unknown to most people. Those who have already been in this
country know that the country offers a great deal: from enjoying its clear and capricious rivers, which
are perfect for rafting and fishing, its large mountains that attract hikers and skiers, and its numerous
caves, to visiting the country’s cities with their many cultural and historical landmarks left behind by the
Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Austro-Hungarians, and multiple Slavic cultures. Bosnia and
Herzegovina also boasts a rich cultural and social life. If any of these things interest you, then you’ve
found both the right book and future destination!

Amel Salihba¿ic was born in Sarajevo. He studied Computer Engineering at the Universities of Technology in Sarajevo and Zagreb. Since completing his studies, he has been working in the fields of data processing, business intelligence, and data warehousing.Amel's passion for photography was sparked by his many trips. Out of this passion the idea of making a travel guide was born. His first book '23 Unforgettable Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina' was published in 2011. The first edition of the book 'Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA' was published in Bosnian, German, English and Turkish in 2014. Already in 2015, the second edition of the book in Bosnian and German as well as the first edition in Italian followed. At the end of 2017, the edition in Czech language and the updated editions in Bosnian, English and German were published. So far, the book has been published in six languages.


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Erscheinungsdatum 15.11.2017
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  • Short History of Bosnia01. Neretva River - Upper Course Rafting the Neretva River, Mini Rafting The Rakitnica River, Boracko Lake and Glavaticevo Village, Town of Konjic, Tito's Bunker02. Neretva River - Middle Course Jablanicko Lake, Idbar River, Town of Jablanica, Dre¿anka River, To the source of the Dre¿anka, Nature Park Blidinje, Mt. Cvrsnica, Mostarska Bijela River03. Mt. Prenj (Bosnian Himalayas)Ruji¿te - Bijele Vode - Prijevorac Trail, Idbar - Tisovica Trail, Ruji¿te Resort, Bike Park Prenj 04. Blagaj and Podvele¿ PlateauTown of Blagaj, Buna River, Source of the Buna River and Dervish Tekke, Velagic House, Bunica River, Podvele¿ Plateau, Bike Park Vele¿05. City of Mostar Old Bridge and Halebija and Tara Towers, Old Town - Left Bank, Residential Complexes, Old Town - Right Bank, Austro-Hungarian Influences06. Wine Route and Medugorje Herzegovina Wine Route, Medugorje, Trebi¿at River, Town of Ljubu¿ki, Villa Mogorjelo07. Neum and its Hinterland Neum's Hinterland, Town of Neum, Hutovo Blato Park08. Stolac and Pocitelj Bregava River, Town of Stolac, Necropolises of Radimlja and Boljuni, Illyrian Town of Daorson, Old Town of Pocitelj09. Southeast Herzegovina Trebi¿njica River, Vjetrenica Cave, Town of Trebinje, Wine Route, Trebinje's Surroundings10. Tara River and Sutjeska National Park Tara River, Rafting the Tara River, Sutjeska National Park11. City of Sarajevo Ba¿car¿ija, Museums in Sarajevo, City Bridges, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Visiting the "Mahala", Sarajevan Cuisine12. Around Sarajevo Mt. Trebevic, Ambassadors' Alley, Horseback Riding, Ilid¿a District, Source of the Bosna, Skakavac Waterfall, Bosnian Valley of Pyramids - Visoko13. Mt. Bjela¿nica Observatory Peak, Village of Umoljani, Circular Tour Umoljani - Lukomir - Umoljani, Village of Lukomir, Ski Center Bjela¿nica-Igman14. Mt. Treskavica An Excursion to Mt. Treskavica, Lakes on Mt. Treskavica15. Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska Proko¿ko Lake, Town of Fojnica, Kraljeva Sutjeska Settlement, Royal City of Bobovac16. Olovo, Vare¿ and Surroundings Ni¿ici Plateau, Bijambare Nature Park, Town of Olovo, Town of Vare¿, Villages of Strica and Zarude, Village of Ocevlje17. Mt.s Jahorina and Romanija Mt. Jahorina, Jahorina in Winter, Mt. Romanija18. Drina River - Upper Course Town of Gora¿de and Surroundings, Floats on the Drina and Tara Rivers, Drina River, Town of Vi¿egrad, Bijele Vode Hunting Area, Agro-tourism19. Srebrenica and SurroundingsPerucac Lake, Town of Srebrenica, Memorial Center in Potocari, Guber Mineral Springs20. Northeast Bosnia Town of Tuzla, Town of Gradacac, Srebrenik's Old Town, Town of Brcko, Mt. Konjuh21. Around the Usora River Town of Te¿anj, Deer Lake, Town of Doboj, Town of Maglaj, Town of Teslic, Liplje Monastery22. Tajan Nature Park and Kamenica Stone Balls, Tajan Nature Park, Kamenica Excursion Area, Old Town of Vranduk23. Mt. Vla¿ic and Travnik Mt. Vla¿ic, Summer Excursions on Mt. Vla¿ic, Mt. Vla¿ic in Winter, Town of Travnik24. Jajce and Pliva Lakes Town of Jajce, Pliva Lakes, Mlincici Mills, Pliva River25. Skopaljska Valley Rostovo Recreation and Ski Center, Town of Bugojno, Town of Prusac and Ajvatovica Pilgrimage Site, Towers around Bugojno, Seme¿nica River, Hum House - A Holiday in a Mountain Village26. Livno and Surroundings Town of Livno, Gorica Franciscan Monastery, Livno's Surroundings, Wild Horses27. Banja Luka and Kozara National Park City of Banja Luka, Thermal Spas in and around Banja Luka, Rafting the Vrbas River, Krupa River, Kozara National Park, Around the Kozara National Park28. Sana River - Middle Course Sana River, Towns on the Sana River, Tributaries of the Sana, Dabar River, Ribnik River, Sanica River29. Una National Park Village of Kulen Vakuf, Village of Martin Brod, Unac River, Una River, Rafting the Una River, Town of Bihac, Around Bos. Petrovac30. Una River - Middle Course Old Town of Ostro¿ac, Rafting the Una River, Town of Bosanska Krupa, Old Town of Bijela Stijena, Village of Bosanska Otoka,Kru¿nica River, Towns West of the Una