Playing Changes: Jazz for the New Century

Jazz for the New Century

"Brilliant. Incisive. Jazz lives on and on and on, folks.”
—Sonny Rollins

“Sharp in style and warm in feeling, Nate Chinen’s virtuoso survey dispenses with the familiar agendas and polemics that have too often boxed in writing on contemporary jazz. He follows the music where it goes and exults in its plurality of voices.”
—Alex Ross, author of
The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century

“Chinen’s passion for the art form and deep understanding and knowledge of jazz make for a fascinating read. His firm support of the music and belief that the changes taking place within it will continue to serve it well—solidifying jazz as a global mode of communication without bounds—are truly uplifting.”
—Herbie Hancock

"Chinen has excellent taste in unruly new sounds and big, bent ears, and you’ll want to make a playlist."
—Dwight Garner, The New York Times

"A terrific book about the shape of contemporary jazz, and right now is a terrific time to read it”
—The Washington Post

"A perfectly timed, well-tuned chronicle of the past, present, and future of jazz...One of the essential music books of the young century, so far”

"Chinen's elegant, evocative writing is a mesmerizing staple of this essential book... Like the best nonfiction, 
Playing Changes will motivate jazz diehards and neophytes alike to discover what's out there and what's on the horizon."

"A really first-rate jazz critic has been necessary to lay out how vital it remains beneath all the encrusted misperceptions... It's always wonderful to read the results when artists and writers need each other."
—Buffalo News

"A brilliant and wide-ranging new history of jazz...  Chinen’s virtuoso jazz history will drive readers to listen to the music anew, or for the first time."
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
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