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Hanlons Amatoria

Anita was sure that she had found the right Christmas present for her parents this year. Above all, they wanted to learn more about her life, and they wanted to share in the life of their youngest not-anymore teenage daughter. That she had become a Nymphomaniac, they would probably understand that…

So Anita had followed that request and had compiled photos from the past few months of her life, photos of beautiful moments, or just beautiful snapshots. And now her mother unpacked the gift from the red Christmas wrapping paper and looked at the photo book. There was a large portrait of Anita, facing straight to the viewer and below it said: »One year from my life, for my dear parents.«

Her mother hugged Anita warmly and her father also thanked her. The photo book was professionally bound in a DIN A4 format, but it was bound on the short side. The pictures had to be large, so she had chosen full-page pictures.

Then her father picked up the photo book, opened the cover, and came to one page with an inscription written in soft, sweeping letters. He kept flipping through and the pictures started. On the right of the open double pages there was the first photo of Anita.

The photo showed her under palm trees on a very beautiful sandy beach. But her father looked irritated at the picture. Anita sat cross-legged on her beach sheet and beamed friendly into the camera, her head slightly bent to one side. However, she wore no swimsuit and no bikini – to be honest – she was completely naked.

Anita looked over her father's shoulder as he stared at the picture. He did not quite know what to think of it, but she laughed happily and began to tell that the picture was taken in the Caribbean, where she spent a two week vacation last January.

»There was a nudist beach?« the father asked a little skeptically.

»Yes, of course« Anita answered. »Well, no… but no one objected that I was naked« she curtailed happily.

»You have a pretty seamless tan, too« her mother remarked appreciatively.

"Yes, it's nice, isn't it?« Anita answered. »That's because I was always naked in the sun. Some wore a one-piece, or a two-piece bathing suit – and I just wore a zero-piece« which she apparently found a very good joke.

Her mother smiled widely and the father apparently spontaneously decided not to pursue the topic. He kept turning the pages.

On the next page, Anita was apparently on a stage with other girls.

»That was the wet-T contest in the beach disco!« she exclaimed. And then she added »It's basically a naked competition, of course. That's why I have not participated with a wet T-shirt for long, but just taken off everything. That made me win, because all the other girls were too prudish to take off their panties. What's a nude competition for, if you don't get undressed to be naked on stage?«

»But did you want to show yourself to everyone…?« asked the mother a bit bithered.

»Yes, of course, I'm a girl!« Anita exclaimed.


Anita gives her parents a photo book and uses the pictures to tell episodes of her life. Since she prefers to be extensively naked and likes all forms of sex. Her parents wonder every now and then about their very adult daughter. Shameless, exhibitionistic, sexy, wild, sprawling, spicy and a bit nymphomaniac.
»M.C. Hanlon writes the most imaginative, unusual and brillant erotic stories you've ever read.«

M.C. Hanlon is writing erotic shorts for many years. He published several novels, anthologies and ebooks at Ars Amatoria Publishing. His stories are about shameless women, nymphomanic exhibitionists, swinging actresses, cool coeds, chaotic girlies and many other entertaining specimen of the species women.
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