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Eurasia’S Altai Heritage

The book you are about to read presents the outlandish theory that all human civilizations and languages began once at a single point on earth and a specific point in time. It is a rereading of history up to the modern day that witnesses the spread of culture from this single point and how it changed and whom it touched and how. It posits the notion that the original, or primordial, knowledge of human beings was something pure and useful but over time has been distorted into something that is too often wicked and harmful.

From simple beginnings when humans lived as part of nature, knowledge was a necessary means of understanding nature, and in the authors view, knowledge has become an end in itself, pursued for its own sake and in disregard of the real difficulties humanity now faces.
Seidakhmet Kuttykadam, born in 1946, is a publisher, essayist and original philosopher from Kazakhstan. His immense erudition, inquisitive mind, subtle intuition and bold imagination have enabled him to write this most unusual book.
This colourful, engaging book is for anyone who has not lost interest in the fate of humankind and its history.
The work of Seidakhmet Kuttykadam poses a radical challenge to established ideas of the development of human civilization and introduces with a great jolt an entirely new paradigm in the historical sciences.
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