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Business Development For Dummies

Growing a small business requires more than just sales
Business Development For Dummies helps maximise thegrowth of small- or medium-sized businesses, with a step-by-stepmodel for business development designed specifically for B2B or B2Cservice firms. By mapping business development to customer lifecycle, this book helps owners and managers ensure a focus on growththrough effective customer nurturing and management. It's not justsales! In-depth coverage also includes strategy, marketing, clientmanagement, and partnerships/alliances, helping you develop robustbusiness practices that can be used every day. You'll learn how tostructure, organise, and execute an effective development plan,with step-by-step expert guidance.
Realising that you can't just "hire a sales guy" and expectimmediate results is one of the toughest lessons small businessCEOs have to learn. Developing a business is about more than justgaining customers - it's about integrating every facet ofyour business in an overarching strategy that continually workstoward growth. Business Development For Dummies provides amodel, and teaches you what you need to know to make it work foryour business.
* Learn the core concepts of business development, and how itdiffers from sales
* Build a practical, step-by-step business developmentstrategy
* Incorporate marketing, sales, and customer management ingeneral planning
* Develop and implement a growth-enhancing partnershipstrategy
Recognising that business development is much more than justsales is the first important step to sustained growth. Developmentshould be daily - not just when business starts to tail off,or you fall into a cycle of growth and regression. Plan for growth,and make it stick - Business Development For Dummiesshows you how.
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