Common Lisp Recipes

A Problem-Solution Approach

solutions to problems and answers to questions you are likely to encounter when
writing real-world applications in Common Lisp. This book covers areas as
diverse as web programming, databases, graphical user interfaces, integration
with other programming languages, multi-threading, and mobile devices as well
as debugging techniques and optimization, to name just a few.
Written by an
author who has used Common Lisp in many successful commercial projects over
more than a decade, Common Lisp Recipes is also the first Common Lisp
book to tackle such advanced topics as environment access, logical pathnames,
Gray streams, delivery of executables, pretty printing, setf expansions, or
changing the syntax of Common Lisp.
book is organized around specific problems or questions each followed by
ready-to-use example solutions and clear explanations of the concepts involved,
plus pointers to alternatives and more information. Each recipe can be read
independently of the others and thus the book will earn a special place on your
bookshelf as a reference work you always want to have within reach.
Common Lisp Recipes is aimed at
programmers who are already familiar with Common Lisp to a certain extent but
do not yet have the experience you typically only get from years of hacking in
a specific computer language. It is written in a style that mixes hands-on
no-frills pragmatism with precise information and prudent mentorship.
If you feel attracted
to Common Lisp's mix of breathtaking features and down-to-earth utilitarianism

Edmund Weitz is well-known in the Common Lisp community for his open-source libraries and for being one of the organizers of the European Common Lisp Meeting. He has a Ph.D. in mathematics and has been a free-lance Common Lisp consultant for clients in the US, Europe, and Asia since 2002. He now works as a professor for math and computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany.
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