Panzer Killers

Anti-Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front

* Graphic first-hand accounts of tank warfare on the Eastern Front * Focuses on the experiences of the Red Army's anti-tank gunners * Features accounts of lethal, close-quarter actions against German armour


Artem Drabkin is the creator of the website I Remember which is devoted to recording the oral history of the soldiers and airmen who fought on the Eastern Front. His archive of memoirs and eyewitness accounts is a valuable source for researchers who are studying the Soviet side of the fighting, and it is a fascinating record of the experience of warfare. Among the many publications derived from his work are Tank Rider, Red Road From Stalingrad, T-34 in Action, Red Partisan, Escape From Auschwitz, Barbarossa and the Retreat to Moscow: Recollections of Soviet Fighter Pilots on the Eastern Front, Bomber Pilot on the Eastern Front and Guns Against the Reich.

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