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Pipeline Killers (Bernadette Callahan Detective Series, #2)

Detective Bernadette Callahan is called to the site of what looks like a mysterious industrial accident.

A man, found dead near a pipeline in western Canada will lead to what looks like a University student experiment gone too far. 

What the students thought was a prank, has become a threat that could cause havoc on the world's pipelines.

When terrorist steal the experiment to use as their own weapon, Detective Callahan must find a way to stop it.

In this second volume of the Callahan Detective series, we find old foes of Callahan's brought back to life. She must track them down, not to arrest them, but to help her defeat the terrorists.

The success of her mission will depend on how persuasive she is, and if she can get to them before other's do, including the FBI, CIA and the Russians.

This novel moves from North America to Europe and back with lightning speed as adversaries form alliances to defeat or help the terrorists.

The author was asked where he got the idea for this book.

It came, he said, "from my years of working with oil companies. I saw all the new bio bugs that were being used to clean up oil. I thought, what if you genetically altered those bugs."

It wasn't hard to find evidence in science where things that were altered went horribly wrong. From there, Pipeline Killers was born."


Author Lyle Nicholson spent several years working for security companies, providing security systems and programs for oil companies. 

He then started his own marketing company to provide safety products to oil companies in both Canada and Alaska.

All the while, he was writing short stories and for both magazines and newspapers and taking courses in Enlgish Literature.

On retirement, Lyle took up his passion for writing full time, and now resides in a small city in Western British Columbia where he indulges his passion for writing, cooking and fine wines.

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