Ryan Hunter

English Edition!
There are two sides to every story... This is his.
Ryan Hunter kissed more girls than he cares to remember. But the only one he ever wanted is in love with his best friend.
Watching Lisa Matthews’ obsession with Tony Mitchell is a torture Ryan conceals from everyone. Until after a five-week soccer camp, where Tony gets involved with someone else, things suddenly take a different turn. Ryan knows if he doesn’t make a move now and grab his chance, he might never get another.
Warning: mature YA romance
Contains cuss words and sexual innuendo
The book is a standalone and has no cliffhanger! (You're welcome!)
(This book is now including: Kiss with Cherry Flavor - former book 4 in the series! Updated June 1, 2016)
The complete GROVER BEACH TEAM series in chronological reading order:
1. Play With Me
2. Ryan Hunter
3. T is for...
4. Dating Trouble
5. The Trouble with Dating Sue
Taming Chloe Summers (a spin-off)
ANNA KATMORE prefers blue to green, spring to winter, and writing to almost everything else. It helps her escape from a boring world to something with actual adventure and romance, she says. Even when she’s not crafting a new story, you’ll see her lounging with a book in some quiet spot.
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Noelle Zimmermann, Thalia-Buchhandlung Karlsruhe

Die ganze Geschichte aus Ryans Sicht! Unglaublich romantisch Die ganze Geschichte aus Ryans Sicht! Unglaublich romantisch


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