The Butterfly Summer

The perfect Summer Read that will make you cry and leave you uplifted

Harriet Evans is the bestselling author of A Place for Us and The Butterfly Summer is a treat of a novel about the families we love, the secrets we keep and the ties that bind us. You'll be desperate to add it to your shelf alongside the best of Patricia Scanlan, Jojo Moyes and Cathy Kelly. Nina Parr had the most curious of childhoods. Her father died when she was only a few weeks old and she and her mother rattled around the basement flat of a big old house, under the watchful eye of their upstairs neighbour, Mrs Poll. Mrs Poll taught Nina to fly wherever her imagination might take her but life hasn't lived up to the promise of fantasy. Until the day she comes home to find her mother might have been careless with the truth and that she is the inheritor of Keepsake, a house in Cornwall that dates back to Charles II ... and a family legacy that is every bit as full of danger as it is wonder.


Harriet Evans is the author of eight previous novels, Going Home A Hopeless Romantic, The Love of Her Life, I Remember You, Love Always, Happily Ever After, Not Without You and A Place for Us

She lives in London with her family.

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