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The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain

4 Volume Set

Bringing together scholarship on multilingual and intercultural medieval Britain like never before, The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain comprises over 600 authoritative entries spanning key figures, contexts and influences in the literatures of Britain from the Saxon invasions of the fifth century to the transition from the Medieval to the Early Modern Period in the sixteenth.
Unique in its approach, the Encyclopedia facilitates a fuller understanding of the complex literary landscape of the period by covering all the literatures of the Medieval British Isles and their direct influences, including Old and Middle English, Early Scots, Anglo-Norman, the Norse, Latin, and French of Britain, and the Celtic literature of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Cornwall. Covering all the important figures, texts, critical debates, methodologies, and cultural and historical contexts, the expertly written entries offer an authoritative yet accessible go-to resource for students and experienced scholars alike.
The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Literature is a comprehensive, scholarly, authoritative, and critical overview of literature and theory comprising individual titles covering key literary genres, periods, and subdisciplines. Available both in print and online, this groundbreaking resource provides students, teachers, and researchers with cutting-edge scholarship in literature and literary studies.
Siân Echard is Professor of English and Distinguished University Scholar in the Department of English at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests include Anglo-Latin literature, Arthurian literature, John Gower, and manuscript studies and book history. Her publications include A Companion to Gower (edited, 2004), Printing the Middle Ages (2008) and The Arthur of Medieval Latin Literature (edited, 2011).
Robert Rouse is Associate Professor of English at the University of British Columbia. He has published widely on medieval romance, sexuality, Arthurian literature, spatiality, and the post-medieval histories of manuscripts. His publications include The Idea of Anglo-Saxon England in Middle English Romance (2005), The Medieval Quest for Arthur (with Cory Rushton, 2005) and Sexual Culture in the Literature of Medieval Britain (edited, 2014).
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Herausgeber Jacqueline A. Fay, Helen Fulton, Geoff Rector
Seitenzahl 2432
Erscheinungsdatum 18.08.2017
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-118-39698-8
Reihe Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia o
Verlag Blackwell Publishers
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Gewicht 3848
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