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Grave Secrets, Volume 1: The Lavington Windsor Mysteries Book 1

The Lavington Windsor Mysteries Book 1

Alice James

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Agatha Raisin meets Sookie Stackhouse, with croquet and zombies.

Toni Windsor is trying to live a quiet life in the green and pleasant county of Staffordshire. She’d love to finally master the rules of croquet, acquire a decent boyfriend and make some commission as an estate agent.

All that might have to wait, though, because there are zombies rising from their graves, vampires sneaking out of their coffins and a murder to solve. And it’s all made rather more complicated by the fact that she’s the one raising all the zombies.

Oh, and she’s dating one of the vampires too. It can’t be the best decision she’s ever made, but he’s so pretty.

Really, what’s a girl meant to do? 

“Alice James raises the zombie genre from the grave, dusts it off and gives it a brand new lease of life.” – Jack Hayes

“What’s not to like? ‘Vampires and zombies’... it does what it says on the cover. Dress-shredding sexiness mixed with Thriller. Dead funny.” – Author and rock journalist Mark Beech


Alice works as a writer, specialising in finance and travel. She is currently International Editor for Dante Magazine, who don’t seem to mind that all her columns are about getting lost in a different international destination, and Content Writer for the French business school EDHEC. She was previously a journalist and TV presenter for Bloomberg before becoming press and PR director of a $1 billion US hedge fund for 18 months. That turned out to be the worst period in history for hedge funds, so she retired wounded and decided that perhaps writing fantasy was a safer career. She has also worked as a project manager, creating business supplements for The Sunday Times, which involved more spreadsheets than she would like to see again. Ever. Alice has a degree in Maths from Bristol University – and half of a diploma in silversmithing from UCE University because it turns out that making the ladies’ version of the One Ring is a lot harder than she thought. She likes cats and ramen noodles and lives in a converted chapel in Oxfordshire because when people tell you that you will grow out of being a Goth, what they actually mean is that they’d like their black leather coat back now. She has written nine and a half novels; recently an interfering friend suggested that she should trying finding a publisher.


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 300
Erscheinungsdatum 01.09.2020
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-78108-861-6
Verlag Simon & Schuster N.Y.
Maße (L/B) 20,3/12,7 cm


Funny and Unique!

Erika Schmidt-Sonntag, Thalia-Buchhandlung Schweinfurt, Stadtgalerie

I liked the cover and the blurb and had to start right away. Toni is a very likeable MC with a big mouth and the urge to raise the dead. Unfortunately she really is a bit naive about "her" Vampire like Sookie Stackhouse, but luckily it doesn't bother me here as much because the story is written in a more funny way. When I read it correct the author hinted at the end, that there will be at least 9 Books in this Series. Let's hope her Lovestory won't become to complicated. For Fans of Mary Janice Davidsons Queen Betsy Taylor - Series.


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