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Nina Grahmann
aus der Thalia-Buchhandlung in Hamburg

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Where were you on 9/11?

Nina Grahmann aus der Thalia-Buchhandlung in Hamburg , am 07.09.2010

In his new novel, David Levithan takes us back to those horrifying days of september 2001, when so many people`s lifes were changed forever.
We follow youngsters Claire, Jasper and Peter as they struggle to get on with their lives and try to grasp what happened.
The author`s aim was not only to try and deal with his own feelings, but also to reach as many young readers as possible, since there will be so many of them who were too young to understand what happened.

David Levithan has written many young adult books. Together with Rachel Cohn, he wrote the novel "Nick and Norah`s infinite playlist", which has been a huge success at the movies.

Love Is The Higher Law - David Levithan
Love Is The Higher Law
von David Levithan
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No one does it better!!

Nina Grahmann aus der Thalia-Buchhandlung in Hamburg , am 12.07.2010

When it comes to outrageous fun, bittersweet melancholy and, yes, slapstick,
Jonathan Tropper is definitely a master!!
It couldn`t get worse for Judd Foxman: his wife just left him, he lost
his job and in addition his father has died.
As a jewish rite, the whole family is now gathered at their house in
Knob`s End to sit shiva for the deceased, which brings
along a whole bunch of problems, since they all have their own little
arguments amongst each other.

Doesn`t sound funny at all, does it?
Believe me, it is!! With his dry sense of humour, Tropper will appeal to
fans of Nick Hornby and "The royal Tenenbaums".

This is Where I Leave You - Jonathan Tropper
This is Where I Leave You
von Jonathan Tropper
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