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Pride and Prejudice with Magic

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

THE WORLD: In this book we travel to older times when women were praised for their beauty and talent in music and arts. Their only purpose of life was to fine a nice and wealthy man and have a beautiful family. Just like in Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, the book is set in country suburbs were balls are the highest entertainment. However, another thing exists in this world and that is glamour. It is really pulling the strings of ether and adjusting the against the light that creates the illusion of warmness and beauty. But it is not over hyped, it just treated as a form of art and not to make oneself beautiful, as a matter of fact one girl was trying to cover her terrible teeth with glamour and that was looked at as something inappropriate. All in all, I really loved the world, being again in Jane Austin type of world was really making me warm all over and having that addition of glamour...ah what a perfection.

CHARACTERS: The centre of the book are two sisters, the older one being very talented but looking as a average type of girl and the younger one being a impressive beauty but absolutely empty beyond that. The older sister is named Jane (what a pretty simple name) and she knows she is most likely not going to find a husband. Therefore, she spends all her time in arts at which she is excellent to the point that people around know about her talents. The gentlemen present in this book are a few. Mr Dunkirk is a man who is looking for a wife but instead of a beauty he want a talented woman who would not bore him. He is rather nice and likable to the point when his younger sister arrives and he becomes rather extreme and obsessive. Then there is Captain Livingston who is really Mr Wickham of Pride and Prejudice and well...nobody likes Mr Wickham. And then we get Mr Vincent aka Mr Darcy. Well...I love Mr Darcy but I very much love Mr Vincent too, I like how he is portrait in this book, such man would interest me in place of Jane as well.

In general, I liked the little difference withing the characters in comparison to Pride and Prejudice. I found Jane a little bit more lovable that Liz and the little sister was not as terrible as Lydia. Plus, I really liked how it went with Mr Dunkirk who well from his position would have been Mr Darcy and then you really see that it is not exactly the same story.

LOVE: Now because it already kinda says on the back of the book that Jane and Mr Vincent get together, I really loved their romance. They really fit each other perfectly.

PLUS: This book is the first in the series but at the end the reader is given a choice: you can finish now or you can continue with the series. The thing is, it kinda says in last few pages that they lived happily ever after but then you see the next books in the series and they are about Jane and Mr Vincent too, so I think that was brilliant what author did. And yes, I am very much continuing with this series.

MINUS: The parents of Jane...they are just like in Pride and Prejudice and can be summarized basically in one word - stupid. Now, the father of Jane is not as bad as was Mr Bennet with still, very annoying. And don't get me started on the mother. You can see the reason divorce became popular eventually.

OVERALL: It took me a little bit longer to read this book that expected because it has this chunk of text sometimes rather than dialogues but in the end I am happy about it because I felt like all was very well explained and did not feel forced. Plus, as a fan of Pride and Prejudice I appreciate this book even more for it hitting right at the point. I know there rather a few books that are similar to Pride and Prejudice but I never read any that were so on point and still refreshing. And that glamour...just what I needed. So yes, cannot get my hands on the next book!

Shades of Milk and Honey - Mary Robinette Kowal
Shades of Milk and Honey
von Mary Robinette Kowal
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Final book that will leave you with a broken heart

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

THE WORLD: The story is set in old times New England when women were supposed to stay home and look after children and the men be the providers. It is also the time when religious Brotherhood is ruling and witches are being killed or locked in insane asylum. In the third book the world gets even worse for the women because they are forbidden to do any kind of work and provide for the family, their place is at home and at home only.

CHARACTERS: Cate is the main character of the series. She is the oldest Cahill sister and a powerful witch. Now, Cate has a very impressive self control and always thinks about other first. Under normal circumstances I dislike such characters but not in this book. I loved Cate since book one and she stayed my favorite character till the end. Maura is the middle sister and what you call a pain in the ass. She is extremely jealous of Cate but somehow where in the second book my hate for Maura was boiling, in this book she was not as much present and therefore I managed to control my emotions. I liked the ending tho, it fit Maura very well. And finally we have Tess who is the youngest sister and the most powerful one. I must admit, where in the first and second book Tess was super cute curious little side character, in this book she gets super whinny and annoying. I just did not like her anymore. She was too much for me, just too much. But the one thing that makes this series special is Finn...oh my that man. I was so sad for Cate after what Maura did but I never doubted Finn...I just had that feeling that he is worth all of it.

LOVE: In the first book we get pretty clear romance going on but in the second one it gets shaken and now in the third one things slowly get back where they belong. It was lovely, I think from romance perspective third book was my favorite.

PLUS: I really loved how Jessica Spotswood changed her direction and made this book much better than the second one.

MINUS: I am still a little bit confused about Inez and what was her plan really or what she really did. I mean I get the ending is what it is supposed to be but why how and what I am still missing answers to.

IDEA: The thing is, I know many people love this series for it is strong feminism and sisters love. But I must admit, even tho feminism itself was alright I did not see any strong sisters love in this book. Just because Maura did what she did in the end does not make all what she did to Cate alright. When I think about strong sisters love I do not think of jealousy, betrayal or pure hate. I just do not see it.

OVERALL: It was a great series about witches but I must admit, some people stop with book one and I don't blame them. Many times while reading the second book I wished I stopped myself but that need to finish what I start got me through. In the end, I am not sure if the ending was really worth going all through the pain of the second book.

Sisters' Fate - Jessica Spotswood
Sisters' Fate
von Jessica Spotswood
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Badass story

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

EXPECTATIONS: So this was my first book my Marie Lu. I do own Legend and I had Young Elites on my shelf for more than a year but it took me awhile...

THE WORLD: So first of all we are set back in time, back to Inquisition period. Basically people are scared and ruled by Inquisition but instead of usual witch trials we have Malfettos. They are pretty much children that survived blood fever and emerged with super powers. Actually I am amazed how close this all is to witches. But anyways, so yeah old times. We have a bit of court, a bit of arranged marriages and so on. I personally think the idea was amazing but it was not really developed, we could have had such an beautiful world but maybe in next books...So far I was not impressed. And also this whole Malfettos idea for me was one to one Shatter Me and their powers and whole they are abominations things and Inquisition ruling... seriously am I the only one seeing a mirror effect here? I am not saying Marie Lu copied on purpose but I also cannot help but compare.

CHARACTERS: We have a sorta Dagger society and there are few of them, actually Dagger society? Is this a new title, I swear I know Dagger Brotherhood from Ward books. Hmmm. Oh well. Anyways so main character is named Adelina...I was oh my I so was expecting a book about villains, well sorry this book has nothing to do with villains. It is about extremely annoying Adelina who 99% of the book is whinny and self pitying...I mean seriously? Hrr hate her. Then we have this supposed super hot angel like true prince Enzo who wants to gets his thrown back. Right....I guess it was no surprise I disliked Enzo even more than Adelina. I mean really, have we not had enough of this type of male characters? What else? Yeah Raffaele...probably the only character I kinda liked. Except for the ending, what the hell? Like really? Out of character much?! And finally oh no actually not yet, but yeah Teren, a biggest hypocrite of them all. No really if there were villains in this book then that would be Teren...a self centered and totally dillusional but villain all the same. And I am already sending the ending of his story...so not impressed. And now the last and the most hater character of them all -Violetta. Worst sister ever, no really WORST! Burn witch burn!

ROMANCE: Blaaaaaaaah how could anybody ever be into it? I liked the sudden turn for Enzo but the ending already told me it won't last long. How unfortunate.

GOOD: Not sure, I liked the blood part I guess and what happened to Dante and Enzo, yeah especially Enzo.

BAD: The ending was the worst. Like spoiler much? Makes me really think if I want to continue with the series.

OVERALL: Okay so I was super disappointed, everybody was crazy about this book and I get this? It's not necessary bad it's just when you go expecting a lot and then just...well yeah. I might give it another try one day.

The Young Elites - Marie Lu
The Young Elites
von Marie Lu
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Best book of the series for sure!

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

THE WORLD: The world in his book is similar to ours except it is set after the World War IV. Plus, the moon is a inhabited by Lunars who have these manipulative abilities to glamour and control people from Earth. Oh and on earth they have advanced technology which allows the creation of cyborgs - half human/lunar half machine. Pretty cool if you asked me.

CHARACTERS: The main team that this series follows is made of Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf, Iko, Thorne and now Cress. What is their purpose? To destroy Queen Levana! Okay, so Cinder in this book is finally a grown up. Sure she struggles but no more whiny moments like in Scarlet. Cinder is determined and that makes me want to read more! Scarlet, on the other hand is still number one I dislike, even tho she wasn't really present in this book. Wolf sadly turned out also all annoying depressed emo. Disappointment! But you know what? I agree, even tho I did not like Thorne in Scarlet I am definitely a fan of him now. I do not love him but it is fun to read his chapters. But my absolute favorite is Cress, she is just so incredibly cute! Every time I read about her I cannot stop smiling, imagine super short girl all fluffy...and it turns out she is a programming genius! Awesome! What it leaves? Oh yes Iko. Alright so I know many of you like her but really, where Cress is super cute being all girly Iko is just annoying. She is almost as annoying as Scarlet, key word almost.

LOVE: So there are a few love romances going on. One is Cinder and Kai but we only get a little bit of them in last pages of the book. Then Scarlet and Wolf are barely present. And what is leaves us with? Yes, Thorne and Cress...oh my they fit perfectly together! Tho I have to admit, I am not really shipping any of the couples. There is just something weird about this series, I love the idea but characters are far from perfect. Like you in Sarah J. Maas's books you get your ship and then it drowns and you get onto different ship and you are all invested and here it is just meh...it is fun but the moment you finish the book you are not thinking about it anymore.

PLUS: It was much much more interesting than Scarlet. No more staling, the things are finally getting into action! I cannot wait to get into the Fairest and then Winter!

MINUS: Most of the plot twists were clear from almost the first pages of the book.

EXTRA: We get introduced to Winter who is going to be the main character of the fourth book called Winter I guess. Well so far I do not like her. I really really hope it will change!

The Lunar Chronicles 03. Cress - Marissa Meyer
The Lunar Chronicles 03. Cress
von Marissa Meyer
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Probably the best book of the series!

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

THE WORLD: Celeana is back in Adarlan, the city where the first Throne of Glass book was set. But opposite to the first book, this time we get to know the actual Rifthold! It is dirty and full of thieves but also in some way very interesting!

CHARACTERS: Aelin is no more Celeana! She is strong and she is the Queen! And she is smart and loyal as always, I really started to like her in Heir of Fire and my expectations were not crushed in this book as well. In the middle of the book Rowan comes into the picture again and my oh my some scenes...made me shiver! But that was really what I expected of this book, the legendary Aelin and Rowan. What did dissapoint me was Chaol, you know how I loved him before? Well that love must had been pushed out the window when I was not looking. Chaol is absolutely annoying in this book, you should pity him but then again you do not because of his stupid decisions! Annoying annoying annoying. We get also to know a new character - Lysandra! I have to admit, I love her, she is just so funny!

Now....so this might come as a shock to you but I still have not mentioned my as of now very much favorite character! No not Aelin or Rowan, not Chaol or Lysandra....and no it is not Dorian. My favorite character of Throne of Glass series is....wait for it...Manon Blackbeak! I love her so much! I mean the story in this book is awesome but every time the chapter of Manon came up I was holding my breath, I am even thinking of marking all Manon chapters in Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows and re-reading them as one Manon story! Yes, I am that crazy about Manon! I am super excited to read how the story goes on in next Throne of Glass book for Aelin but I am even more excited to get new chapters on Manon!

LOVE: So Celeana and Dorian ship went down in Heir of Fire, now in Queen of Shadows the Celeana and Chaol ship followed the same path. But I have to admit...Celeana and Rowan...that just did not need almost any convincing. My only hope that this ship will stay for good!

PLUS: This book was so full of action, we got to know so much about Aelin and the story of her childhood...and so many secrets came out...I am breathless, my body is still shivering just thinking about this book even I finished it last night!

PLUS: The scene where Aelin met Manon...omg I was seriously not breathing during the whole chapter!

WISH please come true: So I was thinking...you know how something author like to write spin off books? Or just some novellas on the side. So Sarah J. Maas has written Assassin's Blade about Celeana right? Maybe....*please please please* one day she will write a novella or spin-off books on Manon?! I hope so so hope she will!


Throne of Glass 04. Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas
Throne of Glass 04. Queen of Shadows
von Sarah J. Maas
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Perfect, just perfect

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

THE WORLD: The world is harsh and violent. The post apocalyptic setting should tell you all. All the people are scared and controlled, if you disobey you will die. If you get in their way - you die. If they did not like the colour of your eyes - you will die. Who are they? The Reestablishment. Really the monsters that now are running the world. Actually, I do not know why exactly but this world is really much as how Nazi world is portrayed in the movies. I never watch these movies but I do love the world Tahereh Mafi created in this book.

CHARACTERS: Juliette is the main character of the story in general. She has an amazing ability of being extremely powerful, now she can even project her power so it is no more just lethal touch. Juliette can literary blow up the earth. She doesn't but she totally could. What I like about the final book is that finally Juliette is not a whiny silly girl anymore scared of every shadow. She is strong. She knows what she wants and she takes it. Go Juliette! Another important character in this book and my future husband is Warner aka Aaron...ah...

So I was always in love with him, from page one really. But now everything makes sense of course and he is just...he is just Warner. Read the book and you will know what I mean, pinky promise.
To my absolute happines Adam is barely present in this book! Whoop whoop!

LOVE: It is just clear from page one. We finally are paid for all our angry emotions during book one and two. It is happening and it is happening all the way! Sail sail my ship made of steel!

PLUS: It makes sense. No more bullshit! It is good, really good final book!

MINUS: The ending was a little bit too fast for me. But it is not that big of a deal as long as it was really good.

OVERALL: Okay so to be honest I did not expect this kind of plot. After reading the end of book one I expected it to be more like x-men, lots of action and not so much feelings. I was rather disappointed as book two is really just Juliette crying and Adam pissing me off so much I almost threw the book into a wall a few times. Well many times. But the final book three actually saved it big time, so well well done Tahereh Mafi!

Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi
Ignite Me
von Tahereh Mafi
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Final book that will leave you with a broken heart

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

THE WORLD: To be honest, the world is a little bit changed in this book. Surely, we still have Ravka divided by the Fold and magic of the Grisha but...so the most part of the Ravka is ruled by the Darkling. The West Part of the Ravka declared for Nikolai and where is our Sun Summoner? Well she is locked underground and then traveling around trying to find Firebird. It is a little bit sad because we did not have to see anything new of Ravka, no further development of the world.

CHARACTERS: Alina is the Sun Summoner and now a focus of the religious fanatics cult who believe her to be a saint. The Darkling is rather an opposite, everybody believes him to be an evil tyrant ruling Ravka in blood. But to be honest, Alina is rather boring in this book. She is really just a poor little girl all weak and whiny one again. So much potential and such a disappointment. The Darkling...he is just evil. I really miss his charm from the book one. And I really did not like how he acted in the last scene..was rather...hmm...wtf? Then we have Mal...you guys know how much I hate Mal, well that did not change. I agree with people saying that he is a little bit less annoying as before but still...I miss good old times when Mal was nobody and well literary not in the story! But we also got to know other Grisha in this book more which I really liked. Yes, it is no secret that when reading about them all traveling and fighting I saw three musketeers story between my eyes but oh well... I love Genya and Zoya is not so bad too after all. What I did find troubling with the characters though is the fact that so many died. For me I started not to register names anymore because well... everybody dies.

LOVE: No more love triangle. Darkling is completely out of the picture as love interest. There is of course Nikolai but who are we kidding. It is more than clear Alina is with Mal and Mal only from page one. Sad.

PLUS: This book was definitely more easy than the second book in the trilogy. But personally I did not like much how the story ended. It was okay I guess. But only okay.

MINUS: I am a little bit disappointed. I missed court. The Apparat part really killed me. And some things made no sense. I am sorry. I really loved the first book and I was expecting way much more from the story.

EXTRA: I loved the story itself, I loved the world and the magic of Grisha. But it left me disappointed. Four out of five stars mainly because of the world the story is based in.

Ruin and Rising - Leigh Bardugo
Ruin and Rising
von Leigh Bardugo
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Perfect third book in the series!

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

THE WORLD: So in this book we travel to Wendlyn, the kingdom where magic is still alive and very much at use. Celeana is on the mission to fins Maeve but to be granted permission to enter Doranelle she has to master he magic among the demi-fae (not full breed fae). In a meantime there are also some things happening in Adarlan and The Gap where the witches gather. It is an amazing world full of magic, fae and just pure awesomeness!

CHARACTERS: Celeana aka Aelin really grows in this book, she comes to Wendlyn broken and on the edge of giving up completely but leaves it a strong princess who is out for revenge! I have to admit, in the beginning reading about whiny Celeana was a little bit too much for my taste, I hate how she blames herself for all the evil int he world. But then she met Rowan...rrrr.....the immortal fae warrior who is hot hot hot and helps her train and well..Celeana really becomes the princess! It just makes you shiver reading how strong she becomes, how she handles Maeve and takes Rowan as her first member of Terassen court! It was so so good I am rather out of words here!

In Adarlan, we still read about Chaol and Dorian. Chaol is still the knight of my heart and he does everything to help Celeana and Dorian. Man of true heart! I love you Chaol, please save me from the evil in the world! But Dorian, on the other hand, oh he is no longer a little puppy who needs protection, I love how he grows, how he changes...in the end of the book Chaol declares him as a true king and I agree, Dorian is worthy of that title, he really becomes a real king! And then we have a new character introduced to us - Aedion. At first glance you hate him but then...oh then you get to know him and absolutely fall for him. He is like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl!

Additionally, we get to read a side story in this book concentrating on Manon, the ironteeth witch. At first you do not like her and frankly I did not understand why she was even in the book. But then...once again Sarah J. Maas does it! In the end you just start loving her! And it all makes sense and you are just so happy you got to read about her!

LOVE: It was just so good! No more love triangles! In this book it is all about Celeana growing herself and Chaol loving her eternally. My heart is glowing pink!

PLUS: The fact that I had a chance to read this book is already a huge plus to my life! It was purely amazing and I am really struggling here with words! Everything in this book was just perfection!

EXTRA: I have QoS on my shelf but I think I will wait a few days for my heart to calm down as I have heard it will be even more amazing which is my dear readers is just not humanly possible!

EXTRA II: I have British and American covers and I know many people love British covers more but I have to admit, when it comes to Throne of Glass series I love American covers more! They are just much more colorful!

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas
Heir of Fire
von Sarah J. Maas
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Good but not for everybody

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 12.03.2017

This book is so hyped and on so many recommendation lists that eventually I just had to read it. So what better time than now?

THE WORLD: I am rather sure this book is categorized as a high fantasy world. It is mainly one land Mytica that is now divided into three: cold and under tyranny Limeros, starving Paelsia and sunny and rich Auranos. All lands were once full of magic but by now the magic is gone. There are also watchers who live in this "paradise" and are in search of the magic. In other words, the world is nothing new and just like most high fantasy worlds.

CHARACTERS: So when I started reading this book I hated every single characters. Later, about half done I realized I still hate all of them. And yes, I finished this book still hating. There was just something about these characters...maybe because they were just too stereotypical or just simply not likable. I am not sure but the bottom line I just don't care at this point and I hope it will change later in following books.

Cleo - oh my. I do not think a character can be any more annoying. Or maybe because she is so stupid. But I hate Cleo passionately. I really do. Plus her secret, it was all building to something huge and then...this? Heh? Are you serious???

Theo - so unprofessional. His character was so forced and I am sorry but if high ranking guards are like him then really no wander Auranos went the way it went.

Jonas - another super stupid character. At least he did realize in the end Paelsia's "glory". Blah.

Magnus - maybe most normal character but still. Far far from putting "Magnus" and "nice character" in one sentence.

Lucia - she was promising I have to admit it. But the way her character was developed...just whaaaat? Why would you make her into this stereotype?

LOVE: Don't even get me started. So boring. The only interesting relationship is maybe between Magnus and Lucia. But even so, very very far from unique. I think every telenovela has explores this type of romance already.

PLUS: None. Hated the book.

MINUS: The book itself.

OVERALL: I was extremely disappointed by the first book. EXTREMELY! It was just so bad it makes you want to cry. But I will give the second book a chance. Or at least first 50 pages of the second book. Final rating 2.5

Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes
Falling Kingdoms
von Morgan Rhodes
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Best of 2016!

Hannah (PSIloveThatBook) aus Köln , am 22.08.2016

VIDEO REVIEW, no other way possible! One of my most anticipated releases of 2016 and did not disappoint a single bit!

This Savage Song - V. E. Schwab
This Savage Song
von V. E. Schwab
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