A Little, Literal and Visual Installation Of An Enquiry Into "odd 'frames'"


„EDUCATIONAL FRAMING“, „POLITICAL FRAMING“, „POLITICAL CORRECTNESS“, „JUDICIAL FRAMING“, Edmond Cahn, John G. Schneider, Roland Perry, Neil Postman, Noam Chomsky, Steven Pinker

Some cognitive scientists are committed to language, thought and ideology research aiming at fostering a transparent democratic discourse! – ?!!!

„You cannot be serious!”

„In most acts of communication many imprecise factors are inherent even though they may not be recognized as such. ∆ Talking about democracy: A Russian cannot understand why Americans hold the word in reference since to the Russian it has overtones of an unwieldly and massive town meeting unguided by intelligent and far-seeing leadership. ‘Democracy’ to an African may mean the elimination of oppression and little more. To a villager in Southeast Asia, it may mean continued oppression under a government supported from abroad. ∆ The range of interpretation may wreck the morale of an organization if it is not recognized that this (rather: a) seemingly simple message involves whole system of human elements and responses in an ongoing organization.”

„What do the ‘ink-eradicators’ say about the First Amendment? The Amendment itself is couched in what the rest of us might consider rather direct terms. It provides that “Congress shall make no law” on certain subjects that the Founding Fathes considered sacred and indispensable to human dingity. Although the Amendment say precisely that ‘Congress shall make no law’ in these fields the ‘ink-readicators’ claim that it means something quite different. They claim that when it says ‘Congress shall make no law’, it means ‘Congress shall make no unreasonable law.’
„Did the accused publish this libel?” ∆ Did the accused publish this libel?”
Eine Kurzbiographie: Anfang – Erlernen – Lernen – Erleben – Leben – Ursprung: Kultur ist die lernende und lehrende Kunst, Leben zu aller Gunsten lebendig, unabhängig und offen zu gestalten, statt nahezulegen, es mit Aggregatzuständen scheinbarer Errungenschaften Einiger auszukleiden, sich als in dem Beschränkten leblos Innewohnender zwangsläufig zu beneiden und in diesem Zoo der Zivilisation bestaunt zu werden.
What did you learn in school today, Dear little boy of mine? I learned that war is not so bad, I learned about the great ones we have had, We fought in Germany and in France, And some day I might get my chance, And that's what I learned in school today, That's what I learned in school.
(Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner, Teaching as a Subversive Activity)
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