Competitive Differentiation within the Shipbuilding Industry

The Importance of Competence in the Field of Services

Christopher Sauerhoff

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  • Competitive Differentiation within the Shipbuilding Industry

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European shipyards face a rising competition in the global market. Christopher Sauerhoff investigates such aspects as a shipyard’s market expertise, its practical experiences and its cooperative activities. He analyzes whether there is a relationship between each of these aspects and those resources and capabilities constituting the basis for a shipyard’s competence in the field of services. The author conducts focused interviews with 26 experts from the shipbuilding industry. Based on the findings of the interviews, he subsequently carries out an international survey addressed to shipyards’ management representatives. The results indicate that there is the chance for European shipyards to improve their position in the global shipbuilding industry by offering not only customized high-tech ships of best quality, but also technical service packages and therewith adding further value for their customers.

Dr. Christopher Sauerhoff completed his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Burr at the Chair of Research, Development and Innovation Management at the University of Stuttgart.


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