• Stay SOUND & CHECK yourself

Stay SOUND & CHECK yourself

Mental health and stress behind the scenes of the live music, festival and event industry

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Business insider Holger Jan Schmidt takes psychologist Prof. Dr. Katja Ehrenberg behind the scenes of the European live music, festival and event sector. Together with their inspiring interview partners, they turn the spotlights on the people behind the stages. This book is an in-depth feature of personal insights on stress and mental health in an industry that never sleeps, enriched by background information on the issue as well as suggestions for prevention and intervention. It also reports on the unprecedented challenges during the pandemic for what is usually a very lively scene which suddenly had to pause for an uncertain time.
“stay SOUND & CHECK yourself” is intended to help ensure a better understanding and the appropriate attention to a topic that has a decisive influence on the success and creativity of the entire industry. It is dedicated to the innumerable people who you normally cannot see, but without whom the stars could never shine on stage.

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