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Andreas Lange

1 Studium der Bildungs- und Erziehungswissenschaft 2 Projektleiter in der Jugendhilfe 3 Qualitätsmanagement und Organisationsentwicklung 4 Lehrer an öffentlichen Schulen; Schwerpunkt Lernen und emotionale-/soziale Entwicklung
Medien in der Sozialen Arbeit von Andreas Lange

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Medien in der Sozialen Arbeit

Medien in der Sozialen Arbeit

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In three sections, this book provides indispensable basic knowledge required for social work in increasingly media-influenced social environments. Part 1 deals with the process of media socialization. Both the way in which media are used and the opportunities and risks involved are addressed. In Part 2, areas of overlapping concern between media studies and social work studies are discussed & such as deviant behaviour, social inequality, gender, participation, migration, flight and integration. Part 3 examines the professional practice of social work in and with media. In addition to consultancy and public relations work, the focus here is on media education.

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