Beate Wilken

Following several years working in research, teaching and in-patient psychiatry at the University of Münster, Dr. Beate Wilken, Dipl.-Psych., is now a psychological psychotherapist in private practice and a trainer and supervisor for cognitive therapy and behavioural therapy.
Methoden der Kognitiven Umstrukturierung von Beate Wilken

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Methoden der Kognitiven Umstrukturierung

Methoden der Kognitiven Umstrukturierung

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Cognitive restructuring methods represent a central element of therapy in the treatment of numerous psychological disturbances. In this practical guide, the author provides a systematic introduction to the specific procedure involved in cognitive restructuring. The basis for this is provided by the cognitive treatment approaches of A. Ellis, A.T. Beck and D.W. Meichenbaum, which are briefly outlined. Numerous suggested formulations and example cases from practical work make the book a valuable aid for therapists and an easily readable introduction for students and those attending further training courses.

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