Birger Schäfermeier

Birger Schäfermeier, born the eldest son to a pastor's family in 1969, started trading stocks at the age of 14. Today he is not only a successful trader who can live off his trades, he is also a portfolio manager and the main shareholder of an international asset management company. Regular public trading events, during which he trades live in front of his audience, made him one of the best known day traders in Germany and Europe.

The Art of Successful Trading von Birger Schäfermeier

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The Art of Successful Trading
  • The Art of Successful Trading
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There are only two things a trader can control: himself and the risk. Birger Schäfermeier explains in his book the right way to become disciplined. The author shows with practical examples and vivid reports how traders can act successfully with more self-control to minimize risk.

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