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David Sim

David Sim arbeitet als leitender Städtebauexperte für Gehl, Kopenhagen, und als selbstständiger Berater. In seinen Planungen konzentriert er sich darauf, dichtere und vielfältigere urbane Orte zu schaffen und dabei die menschlichen Bedürfnisse in den Fokus zu stellen.
Sanfte Stadt von David Sim

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Sanfte Stadt

Sanfte Stadt

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The reality of urban life can be rather banal. We all have to wait for the bus on cold winter days, do the washing up, take out the bins, or spend long commutes in the car. David Sim believes that life in the city could be made easier and more pleasant through simple, cost-effective measures and by focusing on the human scale. He demonstrates that the solution is finding a balance between density and diversity in order to create proximity and to make urban assets more accessible. The goal is to design comfortable neighborhoods that are easy to live in and adapt to our ever-changing needs. David Sim paints a picture of the good life in cities that are slower, better apportioned, quieter, and—simply put—softer.

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