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Dayna Martin is the mother of three young boys. When she finished writing The Toddler's Handbook her oldest son was 18 months old, and she had newborn twins. Following the successful launch of her first book, Dayna began work on The Baby's Handbook, The Preschooler's Handbook, and The Kindergartener's Handbook. The ideas in her books were inspired by her search to find better ways to teach her children. The concepts were vetted by numerous educators in different grade levels. Dayna is a stay-at-home mom, and is passionate about teaching her children in innovative ways. Her experiences have inspired her to create resources to help other families. With thousands of copies sold, and translations in twenty different languages, her books have already become a staple learning source for many children around the world.

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The Kindergartener's Handbook

The Kindergartener's Handbook

The Kindergartener's Handbook introduces 19 basic concepts in English and Filipino. Included are ABCs, vowels, numbers, less and more, patterns, shapes, colors, time, seasons, the calendar, senses, rhymes, habitat, weather, chores, and school. This book develops language and reading skills using more than 300 words that every kid should know. Simple words are used to help children read on their own, and more complicated words are presented to help them expand their vocabulary. Vibrant colors and images are designed to keep the attention of children. This book will help your child learn a variety of important concepts in English and Filipino before first grade.
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