Edwin Lemke

For many years, Edwin Lemke has been conducting training and workshops all over the world, for both medium-sized and large internationally established corporations.
His workshops and train-the-trainer learning programs are characterised by a stimulating learning atmosphere, based on mutual respect and esteem, and the implementation of the most up-to-date, successful methods of adult education.
As a member of the "Academy for Neuroscientific Education Management" (AFNB), Edwin integrates the latest leading-edge, effective learning concepts in his events. This way, his audiences not only learn the subject matter effectively, but they also enjoy an enriching and lasting learning experience - the testimonies of many delighted companies and participants bear witness to this.
Edwin teaches his core subject "appreciation" directly to business students at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany. Appreciation, diligent attention, and respect for both the group and the individual learner are at the heart of Edwin's training philosophy. These factors, combined with his intercultural competence and wealth of experience in international assignments, guarantee his training participants stimulating, effective, and durable learning experiences. In training, his antennae are set to receive and he effectively adjusts his content to deliver exactly what his audience needs - collectively and individually - to take their performance to the next level. His conviction: In adult learning, 15% is for trainer delivery - and 85% for participant activities. The upshot of this approach is an immediate learning upgrade and guaranteed transfer back in the real world. And this is the style in which Edwin writes his books: He addresses issues that most training participants encounter in their everyday working lives, and delivers effective solutions that readers can readily translate into practice. He is the first trainer licenced to train and certify others as "Trainer in Business (AHK)".

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Inspire Your Audience

Inspire Your Audience

Inspire Your Audience! – Inspiriere und begeistere Dein Publikum! Nichts weniger fordert Edwin Lemke von Vortragsrednern, Trainern und Führungskräften, die vor
Kollegen, Trainees, Auszubildenden oder Mitarbeitern sprechen und ihnen Informationen vermitteln wollen. Und genau dafür liefert der international tätige Berater und
Trainer mit diesem Buch wieder eine Vielzahl an Ideen, Tools und probaten Tipps.
Wie können wir eine inspirierende Lernumgebung schaffen? Und wie können wir den Transfer des vermittelten Wissens in die gelebte Praxis bei unseren Zuhörern und Trainingsteilnehmern unterstützen? Edwin Lemke hat in seinen Trainings in
Europa, Asien, Australien, Neuseeland sowie Nord- und Südamerika dafür Methoden entwickelt, die interkulturell funktionieren. Die Basis dieser Methoden liegt immer im
wertschätzenden Umgang miteinander – denn begeistern können wir nur, wenn wir den Anderen schätzen und gemeinsam zu einem hervorragenden Ergebnis kommen.
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