Matthias Michal

Prof. Matthias Michal, Deputy Director of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at Mainz University Medical Center, has been in charge of the first ?Depersonalization&Derealization= special consultancy service in Germany since 2005.

Depersonalisation und Derealisation von Matthias Michal

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Depersonalisation und Derealisation

Depersonalisation und Derealisation

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People who experience themselves as detached from themselves and their environment, who have the feeling that they are no longer really there, and who perceive their environment as unreal, find the condition deeply disturbing. Their suffering is often exacerbated by the fact that they do not receive adequate help. This guide provides comprehensive information about the clinical picture and the underlying mechanisms of the disease, describes common accompanying psychological diseases and presents options for self-help and treatment. The volume has been revised and the self-help and treatment section has been significantly expanded for this fourth edition, particularly with a chapter for psychotherapists, which describes typical treatment difficulties and ways of overcoming them. Extensive exercises, worksheets and audio files are available for download.

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