Thomas Stölzel

Dr. phil. Thomas Stölzel, Systemischer Therapeut und Berater (SG), Philosophischer Praktiker (IGPP), Coach (DBVC), ist als Dozent an Fachhochschulen, Akademien, Weiterbildungsinstituten, in klinischen Einrichtungen und Organisationen sowie in der Einzelberatung tätig.

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Die Welt erkunden

Die Welt erkunden

Language and perception are such basic and natural parts of our lives that we often use them automatically and without thinking about it. Yet that can lead to problems, too. The methodological approaches discussed in this volume help the reader to recognize and to solve such problems. This book offers a compact introduction to two different methods of great relevance to both our personal and professional development: language as a means of perception and the phenomenological experience of our environment. These themes are presented as means of provoking thoughts, questioning previous stances and taking an intensive look at our own personal world. The text contains essays and explanatory sections as well as exercises and suggestions for further analysis. The practical units serve to better review the validity of the themes and reflections in our own experiences, and to allow us to implement philosophy as a means of action in our daily lives.The many methods discussed were taken from the author¿s years-long experience in working with individuals, groups, teams and organizations, although the book is not directed only toward therapists, counselors, coaches, pastors, persons responsible for organizational development and practicing philosophers, but equally toward readers who want to better understand their own lives and experiences.
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