Trygve Ben Holland

Dr.-iur. Trygve Ben Holland, LL.M. (Eur.) lehrt internationales Wirtschaftsrecht und ist als Berater internationalisierten Mittelstands tätig.Dipl. Wirtschafts- und Steuerjuristin (FH)Sonja Stöckmann ist als Wirtschaftsprüfungsassistentin tätig.

European Security Union von Trygve Ben Holland

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European Security Union

European Security Union

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Present book addresses the concepts, policies, programmes, legislative measures and institutions constituting the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice – with emphasis on the protection of civil liberties, namely fundamental rights, and liberal democratic values against the background of Human Rights.
To work on this multi-layered dichotomy – liberty and security, or vice versa, – has been the idea when conceptualising the project ERUPT (European Rights and Union Protection Tools) as a Jean Monnet Module under the ERASMUS+ programme of the EU.

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