Walter Simonson

Over the course of his career,
Walter "Walt" Simonson has written and drawn nearly every major character from both Marvel and DC Comics. Notable works include an adaptation of
Alien, once again with his Manhunter collaborator and close friend, Archie Goodwin,
Star Wars,
The Fantastic Four,
Orion and
Elric. In the 1980s and 1990s Simonson resurrected the concepts from his college thesis, creating an original graphic novel and miniseries featuring the
Star Slammers. In 2014 Simonson launched
Ragnarök with IDW Publishing, a creator-owned series that once again brings him back to his beloved Norse mythology.

Thor Collection von Walter Simonson von Walter Simonson

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Thor Collection von Walter Simonson

Thor Collection von Walter Simonson

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Erstmal komplett! Walter Simonsons bahnbrechendes Epos über Heldentum, Liebe, Verrat und Krieg.
Ein zeitloses Meisterwerk, das Maßstäbe setzte und bis heute nicht von seiner Faszination verloren hat.

ENTHÄLT: Thor (1966) 337-355, 357-369, 371-382 und Balder the Brave (1985) 1-4

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