Wilfried Schubarth

Prof. Wilfried Schubart teaches and reseachers on issues of adolescence, schools and educational research in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of Potsdam.

Basiswissen Verschwörungsmythen von Wilfried Schubarth

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Basiswissen Verschwörungsmythen

Basiswissen Verschwörungsmythen

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From Corona denial, to Pizzagate and QAnon, to the Jewish world conspiracy & conspiracy myths are experiencing a boom. Providing seductive answers to complex questions, they penetrate everyday communications, especially in times of crisis, poisoning the climate of opinion with their friend&foe images and thus endangering democratic coexistence. This volume provides teachers with basic knowledge about the phenomenon of conspiracy myths. In the theoretical part, central terms are explained, historical references are made and explanatory approaches, mechanisms of action and empirical findings are presented. The practical part of the book describes sensitization, basic knowledge and lesson planning as the three building blocks for dealing with conspiracy myths.

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