The Formula for Infinite Pride

Do Things You Cannot Do

Markus Jotzo

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Are you stuck in a rut, continuously making the same-old experiences?
Safe yet dull: The experience of the average westerner lies somewhere between material overconsumption and an existential hunger that is never sated. Everyday life is often packed in cotton wool. Every wish is fulfilled, but there is no challenge, no experience that pushes the boundaries.
The solution lies in all of us, and it is up to each of us: Everyone has something that they always wanted to do but never did because it seemed too daring, too wild. Yet everyone has the chance to realize their inner dreams.
Grow beyond your boundaries! Don't just step out of your comfort zone, spring right into the challenging zone: Consciously do something that you can't do yet but which you have long yearned to do. This means failure, learning fast, getting up, and not giving up. In the end - and already during your journey - you will be truly proud of yourself.
Radical, refreshing, and spiked with anecdotes and stories - the utterly surprising and always gripping guidebook by Markus Jotzo.


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Erscheinungsdatum 12.06.2019
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ISBN 978-3-7482-8530-4


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