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Volker Briese, Klinikum Südstadt, Rostock.

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Krankheiten in der Schwangerschaft

Krankheiten in der Schwangerschaft

This second edition of the handbook provides private-practice and hospital gynecologists with a practical guide for advising and treating patients in the case of maternal disease during pregnancy. More than 100 diagnoses are presented from A to Z and described with respect to disease definition, clinical care and obstetrical management. One easy-to-remember guideline summarizes what is most important for the treatment of each disease. The alphabetical listing of the diagnoses and the practical and concise entries make the book a valuable reference work for every gynecologist. Each entry contains references to other relevant sources of information. Diseases during pregnancy from A-Z Practical tips and easy-to-remember guidelines Concise presentation Decision-making guidelines for emergencies
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