Wolfgang Mertens

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Mertens lehrt Klinische Psychologie mit Schwerpunkt Psychoanalyse an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Psychoanalytische Behandlungstechnik von Wolfgang Mertens

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Psychoanalytische Behandlungstechnik

Psychoanalytische Behandlungstechnik

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Psychoanalytically based treatment procedures & particularly psychotherapy based on analytical and depth psychology & were first accepted for remuneration by statutory health-insurance companies in Germany in 1967, following empirical evidence of their effectiveness. They play central roles in psychotherapeutic care for the population. Although Freud=s psychoanalysis still represents the foundation for these procedures, major further developments have taken place. Several of the most important concepts, such as free association, evenly-suspended attention, psychodynamic diagnosis, indication, therapeutic goals, analytical surface, resistance and active factors are presented and discussed here in accordance with the current state of knowledge and research.

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